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Founder of Hopechart Mr. He Selected As Outstanding Entrepreneurs of Zhejiang

According to the report of the Organizing Committee of the “Outstanding Entrepreneurs of Zhejiang Province” on June 8, after the preliminary evaluation and review, the Ninth“Outstanding Entrepreneurs of Zhejiang Province"selection activity finalized 33 candidates. Mr. Junqiang He, the board chairman of Hangzhou Hopechart IoT Technology Co., Ltd., was selected successfully.

Not long ago, among the first batch of young talents in the “Special Support Program for High-Level Talents of Zhejiang Province” (referred to as the Zhangjiang “Ten Thousand Talents Program”) announced by the Talent Office of the Zhejiang Provincial  Government, Mr. Junqiang He was also on the list.

Hopechart's founder Mr. He Junqiang
Mr. Junqiang He, Founder of Hopechart

As the founder and chairman of Hangzhou Hopechart IoT Technology, Mr. Junqiang He is a successive entrepreneur. Before he established Hopechart in 2009, he had once set up two companies, one of which was later listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange Centre. With 10 years of fast growth, Hopechart has become a leader in the telematics industry of China. At present, Hopechart is preparing for IPO (Initial Public Offer). If everything goes smoothly, Hopechart will go public on Shenzhen SEC in 2019. We believe that the IPO will bring brand-new opportunities for Hopechart.

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