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Foton Truck OEM Telematics

In Western countries, the telematics system has been developing for over two decades. With the fast growth of Chinese economy and related technologies, the commercial vehicle telematics market is now booming in the old and young oriental country. Foton, a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicle in China, has started the research of telematics system several years ago to solve some challenges faced.


1. Loan vehicles lack means of risk control
For commercial vehicles, the vast majority are purchased using financial loans. The traditional way of collecting vehicle by person usually costs high, and lacks effective means of supervision.
2. Blind to the actual sales performance
Some truck dealers report wrong sales figure and postpone payment on purpose, that brings loss to the makers and increases difficulty in making sales policies.
3. Lack of effective supervision in after-sale services
The after-sale maintenance and servicing mainly depend on reports from local service team. False reports of tasks, labor hours and parts all lead to big loss for the vehicle manufacturers.
4. Production and management costs go up
Production efficiency goes down due to extra checking for the installed vehicle terminal. It’s also rather complicated to manage the big amount of SIM cards activated at different time.
5. More vehicle sub-types
Traditional location-based solution cannot satisfy the different management requirements on logistics truck, dump truck, hazardous material truck, chemical truck, mining truck and concrete truck.
6. High costs for processing huge amount of data
With high costs and low read & write speed, the way of centralized HDD array can’t meet demands of fast increasing data.
7. Lack of in-depth vehicle data
Mainly relying on experience, the outdated solution is unable to precisely manage driver performance, fuel consumption and mileage.


Hopechart develops tailor-made telematics system for Foton according to its industry characteristics. It provides a complete telematics solution from computer room building, service system structuring, information system upgrading, production optimization, automatic data testing to efficient after-sales tools. By integrating technologies like wireless communication, CAN Bus, sensors, GPS and BDS location, the OEM telematics system supports data automatic entering, vehicle location and dispatch, driver behavior modification, fuel consumption management, remote diagnostics, video upload via 4G mobile network.


Through the pre-installation of OEM telematics system on Foton brand trucks, the status of vehicles can be monitored in real-time, and the service management of vehicle’s lifecycle can be realized. At the same time, it builds a new bridge between Foton and the customers, providing value-added services for the customers and enhancing customer’s stickiness to the Foton brand. By utilizing the big data of Foton telematics system, the product and service quality of the vehicle maker, dealers, service providers and suppliers can be both furtherly improved. Based on telematics system, big data and cloud, the existing resources of Foton will be effectively integrated. Via building a customer-centric lifecycle value chain, the Foton’s eco system of telematics will be eventually achieved.

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