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Fleet Monitoring

  • Telematics Box The TBOX is a vehicle GPS tracker & blackbox workable for all kinds of commercial vehicles with CAN Bus ability. It transmits the vehicle status and real-time GPS position information to the back-office monitoring platform via GSM or 4G LTE mobile network
  • Digital Tachograph HQG-3107A Description of Tachograph HQG-3107A:
    Designed and developed by Hangzhou Hopechart IoT Technology, equipped with internal GPRS and high precision GPS positioning modules, the tachograph HQG-3107A offers ...
  • Vehicle T-box HQC111 Tbox, also known as vehicle telematics box, black box or smart box, can be widely applied to many occasions such as UBI insurance, periodic tenancy, fleet management, driver behavior analysis and mana...
  • Digital Tachograph HQA-3102S Description of Tachograph HQA-3102S:
    A tachograph is a device fitted to a vehicle that automatically records its speed and distance, together with the driver's activity and vehicle status. The governmen...
  • Telematics Box HQT401 Telematics box, as the so-called t-box, vehicle black box or smart box, is being widely used in fields such as insurance, periodic tenancy, fleet management, driver behavior management, vehicle tracking & recovery...
  • Tachograph Not just a simple tachograph, but also it can be used for fleet management device. Integrated with gyroscope, CAN Bus and RS232 ports, it helps the fleet owners know their fleets in a better and simpler way.
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