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Fleet Management Solution Specifics

Vehicle monitoring
The following vehicle monitoring is provided: vehicle location, vehicle status identification and screening, abnormal reminder, vehicle condition and electronic fence.

Refueling management
Help customers to quickly establish oil fee management, through the "add record" to master each oil fee information record and form the history of oil fee management and support the user to the editing and management of the oil records.

Travel management
It records the travel route of all vehicles in the fleet. The user can see the starting point, end point, mileage, time, oil consumption, average speed, driver of every journey, and the static track of the journey on the map.

Departure management
Help the team users to establish vehicle and personal travel management, including the vehicle license plate number, the departure time, the driver, the location of the destination and other information.

Medical Examination Report
The report of the vehicle users' check-up of the vehicle through the box is summarized in the functional directory.

It helps the team members to set up vehicle maintenance files, and can accurately locate vehicle problems through the use of vehicle physical examination functions.

The contents include maintenance factory name, repair time, license plate number, vehicle problems, maintenance items, expenses, staffs and so on, and establish a complete vehicle maintenance file. At the same time, users can query, modify, print and delete the maintenance records.
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