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Features and Benefit Analysis of GPS Vehicle Monitoring System

GPS vehicle monitoring system, through 24 hours time monitoring management based on the location of the vehicle, running lines, train operation speed, parking time and place and mileage statistics, thus saving the cost and improving the efficiency of the car. In the practical process of the team management of enterprises and institutions, it embodies the extremely strong practical value, and has become one of the indispensable management methods for enterprises and institutions.

1. Accurately locate the specific position, driving direction and driving speed of the vehicle -- effectively scheduling, ensuring the dispatching tasks are completed in time;

2. According to the requirements, the itinerary and track record of the controlled vehicle can be read for 45 days -- effectively analyzing, allocating and dispatching vehicles;

3. Effectively regulate the traffic routes, speed, parking places and time of vehicles -- the behavior of using government cars for private purpose and pulling the bootlegs will be controlled;

4. Through GPS dispatching and management, long-distance vehicles will reduce the vehicular traffic and bypass to improve the efficiency of the vehicle;

5. The accurate statistics of mileage will reduce the fuel costs, road tolls and highway tolls.--savings the cost of cars;

6. Quickly display the location information of the vehicle, check the nearby vehicles and make scheduling -- improving service quality and customer satisfaction;

7. All mobile information of the controlled vehicle is stored in the control center computer -- facilitating the coordination and deployment of company vehicles;

8. Remote operation, power failure lock, overspeed alarm, power loss alarm -- ensuring the safety of drivers and vehicles;

9. Mileage, parking time, location, and map data of the vehicle are printed to facilitate the production of reports required by the leader or vehicle management unit.

10. The reasonableness and non-rationality of oil consumption and the supervision on the quantity of fuel oil --the oil quantity of the vehicle is monitored and the waste and loss of public resources are cut off.

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