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Factors That Affect GPS Positioning

GPS search is related to many factors. Because the GPS signals come from the 24 satellites in the sky, the troposphere of the atmosphere, the ionosphere and the tall buildings of the ground will affect the GPS signal receiving. If you are in the valley or tall buildings on both sides of the street, or in the thick jungle, you may not be able to receive the satellite signal, thus your are unable to search star positioning. Similarly, if you are in a building, the satellite may not be able to identify your current location, so the fine weather and open space are the main factors that affect GPS search.

In general, GPS starts automatic search immediately after the boot, but there are many different kinds of GPS on the market, so the speed of searching stars is mixed. The search speed is adjusted when it comes out the factory, and it is not the faster the better, the specific problems should be analyzed specifically. In general, the search speed is inversely proportional to the accuracy. That is to say, if the search speed is too fast, it is easy to cause drift. (note: Drift is the phenomenon of inaccurate positioning and positioning deviation).

In order to achieve the precise balance of the speed and positioning of the search star, the product factory has been rigorously debugged and provided a reasonable search for the speed of the star. In addition, GPS doesn't need to search all 24 satellites. If you search for more than 3, you can navigate accurately. Therefore, it is wrong to say "the more the stars you search, the more accurate".

Taking Changhong navigator GPS product as an example, Changhong navigator GPS410 uses the new TurboRF technology, this technology can accelerate the search speed of star products. It takes less than 1 minutes from starting to search the star, and the speed of the search is quite satisfactory. The Changhong navigator GPS350 emphasizes the accuracy, but also because it has a higher requirement for search precision, and the algorithm is rigorous, which results in a relatively slow search speed. It takes about 4 to 5 minutes to search the  stars for the first time.
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