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Ethernet Becomes The Development Trend Of The Next Generation Of Vehicle-Mounted Network

High-level applications are in urgent need for bandwidth

Now intelligent electronic products and automotive equipment have more and more interaction. The rise of the cloud concept, with advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS), intelligent visual security applications, such as lane departure detection [11], driver intention prediction, and the information entertainment platform for the new information, lead the trend of the development of a new generation of automotive electronics. From a functional perspective, with the increase of vehicle subsystems, there is more and more demand for shared data between different subsystems.

In addition, with the improvement of camera resolution, the display demand is greatly increased, and the traditional vehicle network faces huge challenges in bandwidth.

Ethernet's openness and interconnection advantages
Along with the increasing complexity of ADAS, the industry needs a simplified and standardized method. When faced with more and more subsystems which isolated from each other, it can manage and operate the vehicle-mounted system as a network, thus to gain a better reusability and interoperability. For vehicle-mounted networks, the prerequisite for Ethernet is this holistic approach, which is suitable to connect each application domain as a backbone network, especially applications need for higher-demand bandwidth.

Because of the flexibility of Ethernet and scalable bandwidth, the transition of interfaces between telematics devices and multimedia entertainment systems, WEB applications based on IP and on-board network is becoming smooth. The interaction between vehicles and the outside world will be more frequent, for example, automotive applications and automotive to -X communication concepts which based on Internet raised in recent yeas, V2V and V2I or V2I + I, etc.
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