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Hangzhou Hosts Standards Seminar On The New Generation Dump Trucks

On March 24 and March 25 of 2017, the “Industry Standards Seminar on The New Generation Environment-friendly Intelligent Dump Truck” was held in Hangzhou’s Binjiang. Hosted by the local governments, this seminar is initiated by Hangzhou Hopechart and the major dumper truck manufacturers of China.

Chinese economy has been growing fast in the past 30 years, especially the infrastructure has been greatly improved in the last decade. High-speed railways, subways, skyscrapers and new towns are quickly built in every city of China. Due to the large scale of constructions, the dumper truck number is also growing rapidly. Take Shenzhen city as an example, it has about 8,000 approved dumper trucks and several thousand black trucks at the same time. Driven by big interests and more profits, the drivers often speed, overload the truck, and unload the construction waste in unauthorized dump sites. All these have led to many fatal traffic accidents and serious air pollution.

This seminar held in Hangzhou is targeted to make standards for the new generation dumper trucks in order to solve the above problems. Equipped with Hopechart on-board advanced telematics system and sensors, the dumper trucks will be speed limited, no more overloading or illegal dumping, and the drivers will be also managed by the authorities through the back office platform. All the conference participants believe that the new technology can bring real benefits to the society by strengthening the monitor and control of the crazy trucks with vehicle telematics.

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