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Discussion on the Development of New Car Audio Configuration

Electronic intelligence of car

The integrated control of power assembly, integrated security control system, human, car and road intelligent system has developed from the original single control into multivariable and multi-objective comprehensive coordination control. As a result, the car has transformed from a tool and rigid one to  an intellectualized and humanized one. In addition, there is a growing need for modern drivers to communicate with automobiles, such as understanding fuel consumption and automobile diagnosis, which must have an information terminal to display in an intelligent way.

Integration of car stereo system

Future DVD, navigator, car audio will be integrated through the data bus instead of appearing in a single module or unit, just like Audi A6 (quoted picture parameters) 3 Chinese display media interface system (MMI) and BMW 530i new generation of iDrive system form to integrate the whole car audio configuration functions together.

The demands for the future car development

With the rapid development of automotive electronic technology, automotive intelligent technology is gradually being applied. Automotive intelligent technology makes the operation of vehicle more and more simple, and the power and economy become higher and higher, and driving safety is getting better and better. The ideal future car in the carmakers mind is that the car will be a kind of automatic driving cars, it can guide the driver to avoid traffic congestion road and accident location, at the same time provide a rich online accommodation and entertainment. According to the investigation report of California International Automobile Economics Institute, the next automobile sales stage will start from intelligent vehicle.
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