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Developing Situation and Relative Applications of T-Box

A fundamentally complete system of IoT industry has been formed in our country, some of which have shaped certain marketing scales. The gap between domestic correlative information technology of network and supporting capacity of industry and those of overseas is relatively small but in the aspects of sensor and RFID which are contained in manufacturing industry with perception end, high-end software and integration services, we still have a long way to go. The actual devices and services related to IoT are in start-up stage even though equipment and apparatus, embedded system, software and integration services have a larger scale.

If Internet builds a bridge between two people, a car is engaged in telematics box so that people can communicate with the car and it will display its information automatically. Nationally, telematics are seen as a form of IoT which have gained approval through demonstration by national experts. It is predicted to invest 200 billion into it which has been regarded as the first practical IoT system. Moreover, as IoT, telematics play an important role in road traffic sector, and are one of the best industries. In foreign countries, telematics can be turned into Internet of Vehicle or Vehicular Netwosk. The development of European IoT is faster than that in North America, such as the project participated by automobile enterprises and hosted by government among several European countries( Holland, Switzerland and Germany), and telematics with high occurrence rate in the online document literature of university.

In America, you can find Connected Vehicle project. Telematics have a broad industrial segment needs but every part of it is not equal in marketing development. As a whole, Chinese telematics are still in the initial stage where technology, standard, product and market are not matured. By terms of market segment, school buses, intercity buses, tank wagons, buses, logistics vehicles, medical vehicles, official vehicles and even private cars are the essential fields of telematics.
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