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Design And Implementation of New GPS Positioning Taxi Dispatching System

Taxi dispatching system is mainly composed of two parts: vehicle positioning system and dispatching command center system. The dispatching and command center system consists of six parts: monitoring and dispatching network server, color large screen display, GSM module, voltage stabilizing power, systematic monitoring and dispatching management software and quantitative electronic map. This article only introduces the taxi vehicle positioning system.

At present, the management and dispatching system of domestic taxi not only has the function of monitoring and dispatching, but also provides wireless communication, voice service, distress alarm, etc. The "GSP taxi dispatching system" with independent intellectual property rights introduced in this paper is different from the existing schemes mainly in two aspects:

(1) the vehicle system can not only display characters and Chinese characters but also display graphics (such as electronic maps);

(2) the dispatch command can make a group call to taxis with a lot of information, such as traffic information, news, stock information, weather forecast, etc. Its main purpose is to achieve real-time statistics of the taxis distribution in some area. For example, when a customer calls a dispatch command center to make a taxi reservation, the general station calls to all taxis through the paging station by radio, and requires all the taxis that are in the area where the customer is a circle, with a radius of a value (determined by the station) to give respond. All taxis are analyzed to determine a taxi that is nearest to the user and meets the requirements of the customer (such as car models, sex, language and age).

The taxi vehicle system is mainly composed of a microcontroller, GPS module, GSM wireless communication module, paging receiving decoding module and components of LCD display module. This systme also features GPS fleet monitoring solution which is a great benefit.
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