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Hopechart Won OEM Telematics System Contract Of Beijing Fonton

On the November 10th, 2015, Hangzhou Hopechart Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (HOPECHART) officially signed the first contract with Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. (FOTON) to supply 3,000 sets of telematics terminal devices. This stands for the launch of AUMAN Heavy-duty Truck Telematics System which was co-developed by the two companies in the past one year.

FOTON is the fifth important OEM factory partner of HOPECHART, following well-known commercial vehicle manufacturers like Suzhou Higer, Shanxi Automobile Group, CAMC, Beiben Truck. FOTON won a market share of 15% for heavy-duty trucks in 2014. The FOTON Telematics System is mainly targeted to solve truck loan management, fleet dispatch, driver behavior analysis, fuel and gas management, vehicle maintenance and services management. With the partnership with FOTON, HOPECHART will increase the deployment of OEM telematics system to 100,000 vehicles per year.

This cooperation is a critical step for HOPECHART in the process of commercial vehicle telematics. Dancing on the tide of “Internet Plus”, HOPECHART has won a share over 30% in the OEM market and will furtherly consolidate its leading position in commercial vehicle telematics industry. HOPECHART and FOTON will utilize this opportunity to improve the energy-saving, efficiency and safety of heavy-duty truck transport industry.

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