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Cloud Storage Function Of Mobile Digital Video Recorder

Due to the large amount of data recorded in on-board video and limited local storage space, we must adopt cloud storage to back up all videos.

Cloud storage is a new concept extended and developed in the concept of cloud computing. It refers to a system that by adopting the functions such as cluster applications, grid technologies, or distributed file systems to gather numerous types of storage devices in the network together through application software and works together to provide external data storage and service access capabilities. Cloud storage is a cloud computing system with data storage and management as its core. SD card MDVR is also equipped with this function.  In simple terms, cloud storage is an emerging solution that puts stored video resources on the cloud for human access. Users can connect to the cloud at any time and any place through any connected device to easily access the data. Its advantages are reflected in the following aspects:

Cost savings: The biggest characteristic of cloud storage is that it can reduce costs in short or long term. Better backup of local data and even processing of daily data at a distance: In the past, the management of storage systems in vehicle terminals requires administrator personnel to face different storage devices. Different manufacturers' equipment have different management interfaces, so that managers need to understand Usage condition of each storage medium (capacity, load, etc.).This job is complicated and burdensome.Moreover, in the vibration environment of the vehicle, the hard disk of traditional storage medium is easily damaged, resulting in data loss, but cloud storage will not, if the hard disk is broken, the data will be automatically migrated to an another hard disk,which reduces the work of managers burden hardly.
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