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China Promotes The Construction Of Smart Telematics

The reporter learns from the State Grid Corporation: its car networking platform has realized connections with 17 charging operators connectivity and accessed charging pile to the total of more than 167000 charging piles, day amount of more than 1 million kilowatt hours of charging. This means that China has built the smart car networking with the most extensive coverage and the largest number of access devices in the world. In this car,it is often equipped with telematics box.

The State Grid adopts the technology of big data, cloud computing and so on, and has built an open and efficient Internet platform for intelligent vehicles, which has realized the unified access and unified payment of most charging piles in China. As one of telematics device suppliers, Hopechart has always kept pace with the time.

SGC spokesman said, in view of the problem brought up by electric car users, such as "not able to find the pile", "not able to pay the fee" and "not able to charge", the company has built about 5526 power stations and 45000 charging piles, in the formation of "six verticals and horizontals with two rings expressway" charge network, covering 16 provinces and 121 cities.

It is informed that in 2017, the State Grid Corporation will build "nine verticals and horizontals with two rings expressway" charge network. By 2020, they plan to build 120000 charging piles, 800000 smart car networking platforms for public access. All the data of the smart car network will be open to the whole society in the future.
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