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Changsha Dump Truck Management

With the rapid urbanization of China in recent two decades, the infrastructure has been tremendously improved throughout China especially in big and medium-sized cities. The central city Changsha, also the capital of Hunan Province, has gone through earth-shaking changes especially in last decade. Every day, countless engineer vehicles work busily in every corner of this city. Meanwhile, a lot of accompanying problems have been existing for a long time and have to be thoroughly settled.

Challenges of managing dump trucks:
Run a red light
Illegal dumping
Unregistered dump trucks

When a dump truck enters in a construction site, it has logged in the back-office platform until it dumps the construction wasted soil to the designated dump site. The Hopechart dump truck remote management system is like a diligent supervisor who reports the vehicle location, speed, loading status, lifting status, and cover status to the backend platform, as well the photos captured by the in-vehicle cameras in real time. Replacing the mechanical sensors with AI and electronic sensors, the dump truck management system utilizes GPS/ BDS technology, 2G/ 4G mobile communication technology, vehicle CAN Bus technology, image processing technology and sensor technology, so that dump truck violations cannot be hidden on the monitoring platform.

Up to the end of 2017, more than 2,000 dump trucks in Shangsha city have been deployed with Hopechart’s intelligent dump truck management system. Relying on this system, the road accidents caused by dump trucks have been reduced by 70%, casualties reduced by 90%, as well the air quality has been improved by 30%. In addition, illegal dumping has been completed solved. According to incomplete statistics, in China 15 cities have introduced the dump truck management system of Hopechart including Changsha, Shanghai, Xiamen, Foshan, Tianjin and Taiyuan.

Changsha, China

Dump truck management system

Truck fleet installed with Hopechart's dump truck management system

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