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Car Stereo Daily Maintenance

1. Often wipe with a wet cotton swab

The pinch roller in the audio cassette machine and the head of the CD player are easy to accumulate dust. The most important part of the CD player is the laser head, because the laser head is a vulnerable part and is expensive. It should be focused on maintenance. Although some of the car audio design are concerned with dust-proof in the process of designing, protective measures are also necessary. You can often use a wet cotton swab to wipe the cassette, tape,  CD player and the audio system panel. The right thing to do is to gently suck the dust off with a wet cloth. As for the button and knob cleaning, you can use the cotton swab again.

2. Clean the tape and CD with the cleaning tool

In addition to the audio host to keep clean, the tape and CD should also be clean. The dirt on the tape and on the CD will not only affect the sound quality, but also damage the sound. When the laser head of the CD is running at high speed, if the dust is encountered, the laser head will be deviated from the original laser orbit, causing the distortion of the sound and causing damage to the laser head. It is known that tapes and CD cleaning tools can be bought in most audiovisual stores.

3. Slowly put down and avoid to change the disc frequently

Spring is the high incidence of car stereo laser head damage, because the climate is dry and easy to generate static electricity. It is better not to use your hands to touch directly when you are putting down the discs. Do not take the middle, slowly put it in, try not to change the discs frequently, and try to be light when you plug the tray.

4. Do not suddenly put the volume on the maximum

Try to avoid to suddenly put the volume on the maximum during the process of using. Otherwise, the horn coils will burn, and the amplifier will be affected. In addition, the sudden increase of amplitude will also burn down the amplifier.
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