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Car Security Tracker

The auto tracker is a high-tech anti-theft product which integrates GPS satellite positioning technology, GSM network digital mobile communication technology and automobile anti-theft technology. It is a new generation of automobile anti-theft products after the one-way anti-theft device and two-way anti-theft device.

This product uses the mobile communication network to solve the problem of distance restriction and easy to crack.It also features gps vehicle tracking system. In addition to having the function of a common burglar alarm, it also has the functions of mobile phone control, short message location, remote monitoring, remote alarm, and full voice prompt operation. Whenever and wherever you are, you can monitor your car by phone, so that it can get the best protection.

The specific functions are:

1. Cell phone control: mobile phones can be used to replace the remote control to control the car across the globe.

2. Remote control: remote control can control the car within 100 meters.

3. SMS control: use the mobile phone to send SMS to control the car.

4. SMS location: you can just send a text message to the car's anti-theft device, and the anti-theft device will send back the information to tell you the approximate location of the car.

5. Remote monitoring: you can monitor the sound inside the car through a mobile phone.

6.Text message alarm: alarm message can be sent automatically to the owner.

7. Remote alarm: call the owner's mobile phone automatically when there is a thief.

8. Guard against theft: when a robber hijacked in a vehicle, the owner can call the police for help by pedaling on a hidden switch.

9. Voice prompt operation whole course.

10. Anti K-lite mega codec pack: use a mobile phone to guard and turn off the remote control function. One can only use your cell phone to release.

11. With the basic functions of one-way car burglar guard.
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