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Brief Introduction and Main Characteristics TBOX

TBOX is a satellite positioning vehicle traveling data recorder, commonly known as the GPS/ Beidou vehicle traveling data recorder. It is a digital electronic recording device that records and stores the information of the vehicle driving speed, time, mileage, and other state information, it can also realize the output of the data through the interface.

The main characteristics

1. separated structure design

This product adopts the separated structure, integrates the function of the car driving recorder and the vehicle positioning terminal, has a reasonable design, and realizes the complementation of the advantages of the recorder and the vehicle positioning terminal.

2.Terminal adopts the size standard of car audio host location (DIN standard).

The body is made of DIN size standard, which is easy to install by the DIN space reserved in the car. It is also very convenient to check and collect data. At the same time, a fixed component is designed, which can fix the recorder on the driving platform when the installation space is occupied.

3. Humanized display interface

At the main interface, we can directly display the status of satellite positioning, communication network status, vehicle driving information, driver information and so on.

4. Strong extendibility

It can add extension function according to customer's needs: camera and photograph function, voice broadcast, call function, interruption function of oil and electricity, oil collection function, LED advertisement screen and other ports.

5.High precision

The maximum value of speed error is 0.5 Km/h, the resolution of mileage is better than that of 0.1 Km, and the recording error of running time of 24h is -2.3s. The precision of product is better than the national standard, providing a more accurate data for customers.

6. High performance
The vehicle terminal is based on 32bit's ARM embedded dual core MCU, which is developed by embedded operation system, using ferroelectric memory. It has the advantages of fast read and write, unlimited number of data to write, and long time of data storage.
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