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Automotive Telematics Market

At present, automotive industry has reached a census that low carbon, informationization and intelligence are the vital directions for future development. The production pattern is promoted into intelligent manufacturing system of Internet collaboration, service mode appears to be informatization and sharing level.

1. To enlarge the prop dynamics

Telematics have been included in major special project, and become a vital item during “ 13th Five-year Plan”.

2. The market needs are booming.

3. The telematics hardware is subject to safe driving.

According to the analytical research of Foreseeing Industrial Institute, the requirement of road safety and increasing safety awareness cause the needs for connected cars to go up in the Chinese fleet management. The implementation of government for driver safety further accelerates the connected car market

4. The measurement for prevention of burglary is the key.

In the era of telematics, car manufacturers and the third developer compete in transforming smart phone into remote control , allowing drivers to realize many functions such as vehicle positioning and unlocking through cellphone. Even some applications can call up cars or trucks. Smart phones make our life convenient but at the same time, they are at risk to be attacked by hackers. Once it happens, the functions of connected cars controlled by network will be taken over.

FromThe prospects of telematics industrial market and the analysis and planning report of investment strategy issued by Foreseeing Industrial Institute, our country still occupies the global consumer power in future years. With the development of intelligent transportation, the users of telematics will be on the rise gradually, penetration rate in the industry will speed up. The Foreseeing Institute predicts that in 2023, the users of telematics will exceed 9177 thousand nationally.
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