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Analysis Of Special Design Requirements For MDVR

Vehicle-mounted digital video recorders, also known as MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recording System). The SD card MDVR adopts the same audio and video acquisition and compression methods as common DVRs. However, because of the functional applications and different requirements for the environment, vehicle-mounted DVRs have their own special design requirements. From the application environment, onboard digital video recorders need to record and transmit live situations in a complex environment of high-speed motion, severe vibration, unstable power supply, severe interference, and excessive dust. At the same time, the vehicle-mounted digital video recorder also has several major functions such as monitoring, driving status records, and additional entertainment and advertising, due to different application situations change the points of focus, including Beidou/GPS satellite positioning, wireless remote transmission (WIFI, 3G/4G ) and other extended features.

With the increase of social recognition of car-mounted digital video recorders, various levels of demand have also turned up. The more perfect the function of the car-mounted digital video recorder is, the wider its scope of application and the greater its role is, not only in the urban BUS, long-distance buses, freight vehicles but also in trains, ships, ambulances, fire engines, law enforcement vehicles, Transportation vehicles, material transport vehicles, station wagons, office vehicles, school buses and other fields have very important uses as well.

Car-mounted digital video recorders will play a very important role in protecting the development of social civilization, social harmony and people's travel safety. Under different industrial application requirements, onboard monitoring systems also play different roles. The focus also changes when it stays in different industries. Both system features and product configurations evolve different characteristics
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