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Advance The Development Of The New Vehicle Audio Configuration To The Intelligent Technology

The demand for entertainment in the rear seats is increasing.

The rear seats entertainment mainly represented by DVD and digital TV. The cars for leaders and family both have a strong consumer demand on the rear seat entertainment system. Usually the passengers of rear seats are children, wives or high level managers with drivers. As the target service objects obviously have the key influence of the purchaser of the backseat entertainment system, the backseat entertainment system is developing rapidly in China.

The development of information network especially 3G network.

Based on the trend that the automobile with fleet tracking system will become the center of information entertainment and mobile office, the number of electrical and electronic devices on the car is increasing. This requires more high-speed and faster network buses. The future of the network will be CAN, LIN, MOST three-in-one network, MOST  for the audio and video, CAN for the important electronic control unit. Windows system will also be applied to the vehicle electronics, which means that the car is from the model of island of monomer  to a global network information contact which transferred and displayed with more dynamic and timely information.

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