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4G In-vehicle Video Terminal

4G In-vehicle Video Terminal
As the economy and society develop quickly, the transporting of people and cargos is more and more frequent. Thus, it becomes a serious and meaningful challenge that how to transport people and goods from one place to another. In order to strengthen the vehicle monitoring on the road in real-time, Hopechart has designed and manufactured the 4G onboard DVR system. The HQA-8104G is a multi-function digital video recorder customized for onboard video surveillance and remote monitoring. Based on high-speed Hisilicon's chipset and embedded Linux operating system, the 4G in-vehicle device has combined with the most reliable and edge-cutting H.264 video compression technology, 4G LTE wireless network, GPS positioning technology and CAN Bus technology.

The in-vehicle video terminal device not only records video in different resolutions but also collect vehicle state information and upload data to monitoring centre or platform wirelessly. It supports dual SD cards, easy installation, driver behavior management, multiple external accessories and sensors. It is also a 4G vehicle dvr and vehicle video terminal. This 4G MDVR can be widely used for remote monitoring of heavy truck, dump truck, city bus, and long-distance coach.
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